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Financial Security
  • Life insurance
    • For those who have: a mortgage, underage children.

      Why would you need it?
      1. To ensure that your loved ones do not remain homeless and without means of sustenance in case of a tragedy. With insurance, your children will be able to prosper without the constraint imposed by unforeseen financial difficulties.
      2. To cover your last expenses (funeral fees)
      3. To plan your inheritance
      4. To make additional savings for retirement
      5. To financially protect your children (life insurance for children)

      1. Low monthly payments.
      2. Possibility to choose the length of the life insurance contract validity (10, 20, 30 years or for life)
      3. A wide array of additional accommodating conditions according to your needs.
      4. The ability to choose the period during which you will pay for insurance. For example, until retirement.
      5. The possibility to use the sum insured even if the event of a covered loss did not happen.
      6. Protection of insurance payouts from taxation and creditors.
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Diseases and illnesses covered:
      1. Cancer
      2. Stroke (CVA), Heart attack
      3. More than 20 other serious diseases
      - Payouts from $10 000 to $2 000 000
      - Possibility of reimbursement of all your payments
  • Disability insurance
    • For freelancers, who risk being left out without any livelihood in the event of a temporary disability.
      - Monthly benefits of up to 100% of your income, in case off temporary and/or long-term incapacity to work.
  • Travel insurance
    • - Coverage of any referral to the doctor, including hospitalization
      - Flexibility in the choice of insurance coverage (Accidental Death and Dismemberment, flight cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.)
      - Coverage up to 10 million dollars.
      - The registration process only takes 10 minutes
  • Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada + Super-Visa
    • - For newly arrived immigrants (who will only receive public insurance coverage after 3 months of residence).
      - Insurance for Super-Visa applicants (requirement of the Government of Canada)
      - Medical insurance for your guests (parents, friends)
      - The registration process only takes 10 minutes
Registered Education Savings Plans
RRSP— Registered Retirement Savings Plan
TFSA— Tax-Free Savings Account
Ruslan Zagorulko

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Economist (Insert M. Sc. Economics) and having had many managerial experiences. My training and Canadian experience in accounting and fiscal policies come from the internationally renowned firm H&R Block. Specialized in insurance, I am now a financial security advisor, Authorized by the Autorité d es Marchés Financiers. AMF licence: 218932

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I suggest you the most profitable product for you bearing in mind your financial blueprint, your personal situation and family project.

I Only Work for
My Client!

Since I am not employed by an insurance company, I am not interested in their profits, but in yours. Therefore, I only work for you—my client. I help you save more and increase your capital.

First and foremost,
I protect my client’s financial interests

In case of a disagreement with the insurance company, since I am not employed by any insurance corporation, I always represent solely the interests of my client and not those of the issuer. I represent my client’s rights in dispute cases.

I will help you build

a secure family finances.

The way I work

After our first meeting, you start to clearly understand the strong and weak sides of your financial situation. You become aware of the financial products available on the market and you understand which products suit you more. After this, we develop the plan for your financial security and we choose the best product for you. Starting from the first meeting, I become your definitive financial advisor.

How can I be useful?

I will help you use the multiple financial products correctly, and I will explain to you how they work. I will prepare a long-term or a short-term financial plan for you to achieve your goals.

Why do you need insurance?

You need insurance to ensure that your loved ones do not remain homeless and without means of sustenance in case of tragedy. With insurance, your children will be able to prosper without the constraint imposed by unforeseen financial difficulties with a single or monthly prestation.
Insurance helps you:
- Plan an inheritance
- Ensure additional savings for retirement
- Reduce your taxable income
- Your capital will increase due to the investments you make into insurance products